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Welcome to! The site is currently in alpha so expect some unpolished areas and a few bugs here and there!

Development Phase: Sketch

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How can I join?
You must get an invitation from a user who's currently using the site. Users currently can generate up to 5 invites a day
How do I change my username color?
You can change it on your edit profile settings here
Upcoming Features
* Character Pages
* Characters in image posts
* New uploader for communities
October 3, 2023
- New Feature: Comics
- You can create simple comics on the site and add posts for each page
- You can now create chapters and organize your comic pages
- You can change the top banner and listing banner for your comic
- You can use CSS to completely stylize your comic page and viewer
- Changed the site's default font to Poppins!
- Admin: You can now mod comics and update their tables
Older Updates
September 15, 2023
- You can now move posts between communities (edit post page)
- Community Admin: Added "Show on Frontpage" and "Show on Listing" for displaying your community
- Communities now show on the frontpage for both guests and users
- You can now leave a community
September 14, 2023
- New Upload Policy written by the amazing Veipurr!
- Users can now apply to create a community!
- Community Listings Page
- Changed view_types for the rating system
- Added new view_type: Explicit-G
- You can now set a default upload view type in your settings page

Community Updates:
- Moved the "Join" button to the top left (was right)
- Admin: You can now enable/disable joining from settings
- Admin: You can now remove members completely from the community
- Member List: Added the display of flags and edit member links
- Posts: You can now directly edit a member's flag from their comments
- Mod Post: Added Lock and Remove Post
- Admin: Added a comment log system

- Global Admin: Process Community Applications
- Fixed an issue where a notice would show when there is no notice written
September 5, 2023
Community Updates:
- Posts: You can create a new comment directly from the post in the community
- Posts: Added edit, reply, and delete links for comments
- Posts: Easily add/remove favorites and change folders
- Posts: Added reblogging
- Posts: Added user signature below their main description
- Posts: Added custom member titles for community administrators
- Posts: Added sort by types: bumped, date, last commented, and no comments
- Posts Moderation: Added remove function to remove post from community
- Posts Moderation: Added bumping function to push posts to the top
- Posts Moderation: Added lock function to prevent new comments
- Posts Moderation: Added edit rating function to edit a post's view rating
- Frontpage: Added a notice to the frontpage, and custom banners (top, notice)
- Added new pages: gallery, members, about, and rules
- Admin: Added a settings page to change community title
- Admin: Added pages for editing notice, rules, and about
- Admin: You can now add administrators to your community
- Admin: You can now edit member flags: create_post, create_comment
- Admin: Owner may edit the administrator flags for admins
- Admin: Added admin flags: edit rules, edit notice, banner, moderate post, moderate comments, edit member flags, bump posts, manage templates
- Admin: Created a templates page: you can now use CSS to completely change the look of your community
- Admin: Added banner uploading and deleting
August 1, 2023
- Added patreon and ko-fi links if you'd like to support the site!
- Added Supporter Feature: "Custom Flair" which will show on your edit profile page
- You can now change the background color and text color of your custom flair
July 27, 2023
- Fixed a timeline issue where it pulled too many old posts from your own gallery
July 26, 2023
- Added support so you can embed games in your post! You can see a working example here: Starwind Shrine
- Added "Clear All" checkbox for notifications
- Added confirmation for logging out
- Timeline posts now show all multi images alongside the main image
- Fixed a blur bug for nsfw videos
July 25, 2023
* Added "Custom Image" and "Custom Video" to profiles!
An example can be found here
- Fixed banner heights when no banner is set
July 24, 2023
Added a Doll feature where you can upload a small image that gets placed on the bottom right of your profile (example)
- You can now change the CSS (inline-style) of the doll if you want to move them
July 21, 2023
New Feature: Ask Question!
- You can now ask a question to users on their profiles (if enabled)
- You can ask questions anonymously (if enabled)
- How it works: When a user asks a question, the receiver can choose to either delete the question or respond with an image post.You can see an example here: post-654
- You can add notes/rules to your ask area
- Users can leave up to 1 question at a time until you delete or respond to the question or respond with a post.
- You can enable the ask feature on your profile page (edit profile button)
- Fixed the token error bug for uploads
July 19, 2023
Profiles: Blocked users can no longer show up on visitors list
- Moved edit banner and background images to the profile editor
- Fixed a CSS bug in profiles that didn't have any content (page was shifted left)
July 18, 2023
New Feature: Profile Pages!
- Added visitors
- Added anonymous option for visiting profile pages
- Added galleries, favorites, and reblogs pages
- Added following and followers pages
- Added upload banner with CSS options
- Added upload background with CSS options
- Added profile comments! You can now leave comments on peoples profiles.
- Added profile comments and replies into notifications
- Added "edit feature" image
- Added color editor: you can change all the colors on your profile
- Added hide and show options for boxes (currently: followers and following)
- Fixed a bug where background and banner settings weren't applying for guests
- Fixed a bug where display names weren't properly showing on profile and visitors
July 8, 2023
- Added "Following (no R)" to frontpage, which will only show posts from users you follow, without any reblogs
- Added comment links to post comments
- Added scrolling for long descriptions and comments (thanks to Maku!)
- Fixed long tags, fixed rare tag error (thanks to Maku and Phandril!)
- Fixed some parsing on the register page (thanks to MrDragon - Chris!)
July 7, 2023
- Fixed a bug when uploading avatars that displayed direct JSON errors
- Added Timeline and Following to the frontpage. The following tab has pagenumbers so you can now view all posts from those you're following.
- Added Gallery Thumbnails and Favorite Thumbnails to user profiles!
- Added search by folder for favorite thumbnails. You can see an example here
July 6, 2023
- Profile Banner: You can now upload a banner to your profile!
- You can now upload multiple pictures to a post (up to 30 images)!
- Multi images can be viewed from the post viewer
- You can also manage your multi from your edit post page
- Various CSS fixes
July 4, 2023
- Posts: Added large image display on discord when sharing posts
- Added red borders around nsfw posts for the /posts/ page
- Added some bolding for notifications
- Added "Custom Display Names"!
- Added a "Who's Online" list on the frontpage.
- You can now set your online presence in your settings (show online)
July 3, 2023
- Closed alpha has started! Currently invite only; users who can invite can generate up to 5 invites a day
July 2, 2023
- News test!